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SINGAPORE – The tires of a cement mixer truck crushed a cyclist at a crosswalk when the driver failed to watch properly while turning left, a court has heard.

Tan Boon Kwee, 50, did not slow down or stop to check for pedestrians as he approached the Yishun Central signposted junction and Yishun 9 Avenue on May 16 this year.

He did not see cyclist Lin Shuiyu, 59, and her two fellow cyclists at the crosswalk, causing the truck to hit her as she turned left into Yishun Avenue 9-11. 22:22 that day.

Ms. Lin, a retiree, fell from her bicycle and was hit by the left tires of the truck.

According to Tan, he heard a loud noise coming from the front of his vehicle as he turned left, but he continued to turn. He then felt his vehicle jerk as he continued to drive.

He only stopped about 17m after the crosswalk. He realized what had happened when he got out of the vehicle.

After bringing his vehicle to a stop, he used the water line from the mixer truck to wash the left rear tire.

Ms. Lin was pronounced dead instantly.

Applying for a 10-week prison sentence and a five-year ban on Thursday, October 27, Deputy Prosecutor Lim Yu Hui said Tan had shown an extremely high level of negligence in this matter.

She said that a pedestrian and another cyclist were in front of Madame Lin, who was the third person to cross the crosswalk. There was no reason Tan hadn’t noticed them especially when he saw the three cyclists as he approached the crossroads.

APP Lim said Tan was driving a heavy vehicle and should have used extra caution while driving.

Tan’s attorney, Ramesh Chandra, said his client, who had an elementary school education, had only been involved in one minor accident during his 25-year career as a driver. He said Tan felt extremely remorseful for what he had done and that his financial obligations to his family would be affected by a long prison term.

District Judge Samuel Chua said it was a very sad and horrific accident. He said Tan should have been aware that cyclists he saw riding the sidewalk earlier would use the crosswalk and should have used extreme caution as he was driving a tall, heavy vehicle.

“In the circumstances, I agree with the prosecution that an appropriate sentence is necessary to reflect the extent of the accused’s negligence in this case,” he said before sentencing Tan to 10 weeks in prison and prohibit him from driving for five years.

Tan could have been jailed for up to two years and / or fined for causing death by negligent act.

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