Beloved veterinarian Susan McCann died in horror concrete mixer accident


A beloved vet has died after being run over by a cement mixer as she tried to overtake him on his bicycle.

Susan McCann, 49, was on her way to the Kinfauns veterinary center when she cycled through a narrow corridor between the sidewalk and slow traffic on London Road, Clacton.

Her bicycle made contact with a Mercedes truck and Miss McCann fell to the ground.

An investigation into her death has revealed Miss McCann was likely unsettled by the large backpack she was carrying at the time as she fell to the floor where she was then knocked down by the blender.

Tragically, she died on the spot from head injuries.

The inquest learned that she carried the backpack everywhere she went and had stayed away from her home in Thorpe the night before the tragic incident.

Testifying, PC Jason Howard of the Essex Police Forensic Crash Investigation Unit said the large bag could have been an obstacle after Miss McCann’s handlebars hit the vehicle and s’ returned quickly.

“It probably would have pulled her to the ground,” he said.

“She also wore clip-on cycling shoes that prevented her from putting one foot down to cushion the fall.”

PC Howard said it was possible the driver hadn’t seen Miss McCann at all and might not have expected someone to ride a bike in the “very narrow corridor” between. his vehicle and the sidewalk.

He also said there was nothing to suggest the concrete mixer changed course and immediately stopped in a straight line in line with the direction of the road.

PC Howard carried out checks on the bike and the mixer and both were in good working order.

Chief Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray concluded that she had died as a result of a traffic collision.

Speaking to her family, she said: “What a tragedy.

“I again want to express my condolences to his friends and family.”

Ms McCann, who grew up in East Kilbride, Scotland, worked in Essex for many years after graduating as a veterinarian in 1993 and graduating from the University of Glasgow.

She was described as extremely kind and with a wicked sense of humor by her colleagues in the days following her death.

A memorial bench was installed in the office where she worked.

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