After all, the dealer only has to replace the financing, ie transfer the remaining outstanding loan amount to the bank and already receives the vehicle registration document and thus becomes the owner of the vehicle. However, hardly anyone has the money for a new car in their account and therefore needs funding. The contract for your auto finance should include all the details for early repayment of the finance. There are many reasons why you want to sell a car with ongoing financing. But is it easy to even sell a financed car?

You want to offer a paid vehicle?

You want to offer a paid vehicle?

The fact that you want to sell a car with ongoing financing has many causes. But is it even easy to buy a financed car? Sale of a financed car – possible or not? You have purchased your car through financing and now you want to sell it because your living conditions have changed? In such a case, many motorists are not quite sure whether they can sell their own car despite a continuous loan.

A financed car sale is usually not a big topic. However, it is important that if the loan is still in use for the used car, you must make an arrangement with your bank about the remaining repayment. Only then is your house bank issuing the registration certificate Part 2 (formerly a vehicle registration or vehicle registration certificate).

Car sales despite financing – that’s the way it works!

Car sales despite financing - that

However, you should first find out how high your bank liabilities are and under what conditions the loan can be repaid. It should not be forgotten that the value of a car in the first years after acquisition is the greatest and you already in the first year 30 v.. H. of the purchase price loses.

Rather, the only option is the private purchase of a vehicle, since only a few private customers are willing to continue financing the vehicle. It is therefore best to sell the used car to a specialist dealer who arranges the vehicle at the house bank and takes care of all other formalities such as cancellation or feedback.

However, this requires the approval of the house bank. The full price will be credited only after receipt of the registration documents. Especially with a financing vehicle, it is often tedious to find a potential buyer. In addition, you can count on you to resell your used car easily and without stress.

Our high performance computers use thousands of continuously updated information to calculate a real purchase price for your vehicle. This gives you a reliable indication of how much you can actually pay for your vehicle. Otherwise, we also know other financing options.