Interesting facts & information on renting your own car & driving on models in the market. Carry on, instead of pawning the car: Want to know how much money you’ll get by borrowing your vehicle in our pawn shop? If you want to bridge a financial bottleneck or invest in the short term, you can receive cash quickly and without red tape and stay mobile at the same time.

Cash & Drive – equal cash for the car and drive on

Cash & Drive - equal cash for the car and drive on

You will be informed about our offer “Take money with you and drive on” as well as the expected vehicle value. An independent expert in your region will arrange with you on the same day a free and non-binding appointment for the evaluation of the vehicle! Upon receipt of the vehicle rating data, you will receive a quote for the estimated value.

First Auto 2015, then 2 x 2016 and now again. Numerous documents required, fast payouts. Not fast resolution due to the processing backlog at the end of the year. Only bid the following day. The contract will be sent and paid. In retrospect, a suitable and progressive means to release the money set in the car. “I have the agreed amount already on the second day on my account.

It definitely pays to be so open on the phone. “I got an unforeseen charge.” I was able to drive my car normally. Automatically after sending my documents and payment.

Borrow a car and drive on.

Borrow a car and drive on.

Borrow a car and drive on: The survival of your own car in the so-called “sale-and-rent-back” model differs fundamentally from the pawnshop classic. At the pawnshop, a deposit is given against a car as a pledge. The lender is and will remain the owner of the car. For the loan period, only the property is transferred to the pawnbroker.

The payment of the mortgage credit can be made immediately and without a credit bureau examination in accordance with the provisions of the Industrial Code and the Pfandleihregelung. This is because a pledged item is provided as collateral and the pledge transaction is within the scope of the pledge credit. As an alternative to the deposit loan, for example, classic bank loans can only be granted with a bank license from the banking supervisory authority.

Borrow a car and drive on: with further use, your own car is sold & not lent. To continue using your own car, you need to sell your own car for most of the “Sale & Rent-Back” models. This undermines the legal regulations mentioned above. Subsequently, the own car is leased back via a lease.

As a result, the onward tour operator explicitly circumvents the rules for the pawnshop. Due to the uncertain legal situation arise for the client a number of dangers that do not occur in a conventional mortgage loan: You lose the ownership of his car. A guaranteed share buyback for your own car should always be done in writing. In case of failure or non-payment of a monthly installment, the car can be taken.

Auffahrmodelle are usually much more expensive than a classic pawn shop. I lend my car and drive on: Anyone who wants to take a pawnbroker in a pawn shop must therefore have renounced due to the described legal situation on his usual mobility or his own car during a loan. So borrow your car and join us.