You can already inform yourself in advance about the interest on preferential terms and the total costs of your real estate financing with the amortization calculator.

Calculate the repayment process for mortgage lending

Calculate the repayment process for mortgage lending

Determine the monthly rate at which you use our mortgage calculator and get a quick and transparent result with just a small amount of mortgage information.

Amortization plan: transparency in the financing of real estate

Amortization plan: transparency in the financing of real estate

If you take out a loan for the home purchase or house construction, you should inform in advance about all important criteria for mortgage lending. It also means that you calculate the possibilities of repayment and incorporate any necessary amortization or special repayment into your calculation. You can use the home finance calculator to determine exactly which monthly installment you need to pay. In doing so, you can draw a conclusion in which you make the calculation with a longer and shorter runtime and look at differences in the target interest rate. The calculator is easy to use and does not require anything other than to enter the loan amount and set a term to get a result and to find out what monthly charge the repayment plan you set up brings.

Calculation of running time interest and residual debt


In mortgage lending, you can resort to different models of loans and choose a repayment plan with residual debt or full repayment at constant installments throughout the term. Often a comparison of the options is advisable, which you can easily make with our amortization calculator and so can inform about a possible savings and perks in the follow-up costs of your loan.

If you close the real estate financing with a larger residual debt and secure it with a special insurance, small installments can lead to a lower monthly burden and at the same time go hand in hand with a manageable term. Before signing a loan agreement, be aware of all the important factors and costs that come with real estate financing and use our repayment calculator. You can determine the calculation of the debit interest, the remaining debt and additional costs for a special repayment, as well as the monthly installments for a classic mortgage lending without exception and extraordinary repayments and inform yourself about the relevance and favorable conditions of the selected mortgage lending.

In the case of planned mortgage lending, you are well advised with the amortization calculator and can obtain the information that underpins a correct decision for a loan. The calculation of interest and term, the remaining debt and other factors of financing is easy and done with a few clicks. Our amortization calculator is a great help for planned real estate financing.


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